What are the best violin strings to buy?


  • Set violin string Evah Pirazzi & Thomastik Peter Infeld.
  • Violin String sets Kaplan.
  • Set Violin String Pirastro Gold & Thomastik Dominant.
  • Set Vioin String Evah Pirazzi Gold.
  • Set Strings Violin Hill & Evah Pirazzi Gold.

What strings do famous violinists use?

Hilary Hahn: Dominants with a Gold Label E. Maxim Vengerov: Used to use Dominants but recently switched to a full set of Pirazzi. Ilya Gringolts: He uses Evah Pirazzi at the moment. Gil Shaham: Uses Dominants and a Jargar E (don’t know which gauge).

What are the most expensive violin strings?

If you are going to search online for the most expensive string, the name Pirastro will surely come up. The Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Series Violin String Set with a Goldsteel E string and the gold-containing G string is perhaps the most expensive violin string set that you can find online.

Are Dominant violin strings good?

Dominant Violin Strings are a good round string for this violin. They aren’t too bright or too warm, and they project very well. My experience is like other people. They sound metallic when first install but that wears off after a couple days.

How often should you change violin strings?

every 9 to 12 months

How do I choose violin strings?

5 Tips for Purchasing the Right Violin Strings

  1. Know the Types of Strings. There are three major types of violin strings; gut, steel, and synthetic. …
  2. Understanding Gauges and Tensions. String gauge (or width) and tension play a key role in the projection and responsive qualities of the string. …
  3. Evaluate you Musical Preferences. …
  4. Examine your Ability. …
  5. Keep your Options Open.
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Is a fiddle and a violin the same thing?

A fiddle is a bowed string musical instrument, most often a violin. It is a colloquial term for the violin, used by players in all genres including classical music. … The fiddle is part of many traditional (folk) styles, which are typically aural traditions—taught ‘by ear’ rather than via written music.

Do professional violinists use shoulder rests?

There are fantastic violinists playing without shoulder rest and there are fantastic violinists playing with shoulder rest. This proves to me that both is perfectly possible. If there would be ONE ideal shoulder rest (or none), every single soloist would use it.

Can you play violin without a chin rest?

Re: Yes you can play a violin without chinrest!

The tone is not all that different without the shoulder rest and chin rest attached it’s just requires more effort to hold the instrument then would be required when they are attached the sound is little changed or it sounds just about the same.

Why are violin strings so expensive?

Because of the materials used to create consistent quality, the skilled labor, and the specialized machines that it takes to manufacture these small components, they are much more expensive than might be apparent. Strings were, once upon a time, made of the guts of cattle and sheep.

Are violin strings color coded?

All violin strings, no matter what brand, has some kind of distinctive color and combination that usually is only found on that particular string. The bottom of the string will show the brand and manufacturer and the scroll end winding color will designate for which string (GDA or E).

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Do violin strings make a difference?

The short answer is yes. The strings you use on your violin not only dictate the character of the sound you’re able to produce, but they also impact how easy or difficult it is to coax those sounds from your instrument. However, different strings have different features that are designed to produce different outcomes.

Should I change all violin strings at once?

The tension between the strings, wound between the tuning pegs and the tailpiece, is required for the violin to hold itself together. … Removing all of the strings at once can cause the bridge and or the sound post to collapse.

Can you over rosin a violin bow?

Over-rosining a bow does result in scratchier and harsher sound for a little bit, since too much friction is created between the bow and string. As you play for a few minutes, the excess rosin comes off the bow onto the string or into the air, leaving you with an ideal amount of rosin for generating the best sound.

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