How do I protect my violin?

When not in use, store your violin and bow in a hard case, designed to prevent instrument damage. By keeping it secure, you guard against accidental injuries that can be very pricey to repair. Never store your violin in very hot or very cold areas. In fact, you should treat your instrument like a person or even a pet.

How long can a violin last?

It’s worth remembering that there are thousands of violins well over 200 years old, in excellent condition, and without any wood replaced, working away without a problem. Think of all the English, French, German violins that orchestral musicians use every day.

Is it OK to leave violin in the car?

Before you transport your violin, make sure that your car is warmed-up, and never leave your instrument in the car overnight. Do not store your violin next to the heat/air vent, radiators, or a fireplace. The volatile atmosphere in that area is too difficult to manage.

How long do unused violin strings last?

9 to 12 months

How do you store a violin at home?

Keep your violin stored in a hard case. This is the best way to protect your instrument from damage as it provides a secure place to house your violin. Never store your violin near the fireplace or in cold places. Its organic materials are affected by the surroundings, so keep the atmosphere where it’s stored stable.

Do violins get better with age?

The tonal quality of a violin increases by age, as in, the more often it is played. If you just let the instrument gather dust and not play it at all, it wouldn’t make any difference. … The increased use of the instrument decreases the damping coefficient(the moisture content) in the wood used for the instrument.

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Are older violins better?

Old Italian violins are deemed the king of all violins. … Most of the violinists in the study went in with the notion that old is better than new, according to Giora Schmidt, a solo violinist who played old Italian instruments like Stradivarius for most of his career.

How long do violin bows last?

six months

How long can you leave a violin in a car?

Personally, I would not be comfortable in an unheated car for 2-4 hours at 27 degrees F. I’ve left my violin in the car for 20 minutes or so for a quick errand in 30- to 40-degree (F) temps, but would not go any longer/lower than that. Think of your violin as a baby. You should never leave a baby in the car.

How cold is too cold for a violin?

Violins are most comfortable in 60 to low 70 degrees and 45% to 55% relative humidity. The relative humidity is key because that tells us how much moisture the air is holding as a percentage of what it can hold.

What temperature should a violin be kept at?


Should I wipe the rosin off my violin strings?

Rosin dust should always be wiped off the strings and fingerboard as well. For this purpose, it is best to use a soft cloth. … Pure alcohol can be used to remove more stubborn rosin build-up on strings, although extreme caution must be taken. Put a few drops of the alcohol on a clean cloth and rub the strings.

Why does my violin sound so scratchy?

Scratchy sound, part 1. If the violin makes a high pitch sound in addition to the scratchiness, most likely the bow is placed too close to the bridge. … If the bow pressure is adequate, but there’s not enough bow speed, the string will not vibrate, hence producing a choking sound.

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