Who played the guitar solo in Take what you want?

Andrew Watt

Who plays guitar on post Malone’s take what you want?

Five Burning Questions: Billboard Staffers Discuss Post Malone’s First Solo No. 1 With ‘Circles’ Watt co-wrote, co-produced and contributed guitar on Post Malone’s “Take What You Want” from Hollywood’s Bleeding, the single that improbably ropes in both Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott.

Who wrote Take what you want from me?

Take What You Want”Take What You Want”Single by Post Malone featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Travis ScottLength3:50LabelRepublicSongwriter(s)Austin Post John Osbourne Jacques Webster Louis Bell Andrew Watt Billy Walsh

Who sings Take what you want?

Post Malone

Did Ozzy really sing with post Malone?

Post Malone dueted with Ozzy Osbourne this week when he played the Los Angeles venue the Forum, as Pitchfork notes. During Posty’s set, he brought Ozzy up to perform their song “Take What You Want,” which appears on the most recent Post Malone album Hollywood’s Bleeding. You can watch the live collaboration above.

How old is Ozzy?

71 years (December 3, 1948)

How did Ozzy and post Malone meet?

‘” When the collaboration was given the green light, Ozzy and Watt met at Watt’s Los Angeles studio to lay down a verse for the song. Osbourne wrote his part of the melody, and Watt laid down a meaty guitar solo. Post Malone wasn’t present during the studio session due to touring commitments.

How did post Malone get discovered?

While living in San Fernando Valley, Austin met 1st Down of FKi. He met 1st and Rich from FKi and Rex Kudo who produced several of Malone’s tracks, including “White Iverson”. Malone recorded the song two days after writing it. The lyrics of “White Iverson” allude to Basketball Hall of Fame player Allen Iverson.

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When was take what you want released?


Does Ozzy Osbourne sing in Take what you want?

Osbourne returns to sing the same vocal hook a second time, followed by a ripping but uncredited guitar solo. You can hear the song below. “Take What You Want” appears on Malone’s third solo album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, which arrives today.

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