What Michael Jackson song did slash play guitar on?

Give In to Me

Who played guitar on the song Dirty Diana?

Steve Stevens

Who covered Dirty Diana?

VersionsTitlePerformerRelease dateDirty DianaLaura MillerMay 4, 2015Dirty DianaVictoria Karlskås AndersenMay 13, 2016Dirty DianaTBASAMay 17, 2016Dirty DianaScala & Kolacny BrothersJune 24, 2016

Who played guitar on Smooth Criminal?

Thanks to Stevens’ work on Idol’s 1986 successful Whiplash Smile, the guitarist could be found on the cover of almost every guitar magazine that year. Listen for Stevens’ contributions to the Jackson hit “Smooth Criminal”. True to form, it was another five years before Jackson released his next album, 1992’s Dangerous.

Did Slash play on a Michael Jackson song?

Slash played the lead guitar on the Jackson single ‘Give In To Me’ from the ‘Dangerous’ album in 1991, as well as the opening riff for the hit song ‘Black or White’ from the same album. … He also appeared in the song ‘Morphine’ from the remix album ‘Blood on the Dance Floor: History in the Mix’ in 1997.

Who is the guitarist in Michael Jackson one?

Gina Gleason

Why did Michael Jackson make Dirty Diana?

Jackson wrote this song, which like his hit “Billie Jean,” is about a particularly aggressive groupie. When Jackson was interviewed by Barbara Walters, he explained: “I wrote a song called ‘Dirty Diana. … It was about a certain kind of girls that hang around concerts or clubs, you know, they call them groupies.

Who wrote the guitar riff for beat it?

The song is also notable for its music video, which features Jackson bringing two gangsters together through the power of music and dance, and for Eddie Van Halen’s guitar solo.

Beat It.”Beat It”Songwriter(s)Michael JacksonProducer(s)Quincy Jones Michael Jackson (co-producer)Michael Jackson singles chronology

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How old did Michael Jackson die?

50 years (1958–2009)

Did Michael Jackson cover any songs?

Here are 10 songs that prove that MJ was the King of Cover Songs:

  • Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day by Stevie Wonder.
  • Love Never Felt So Good by Johnny Mathis.
  • Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers.
  • With a Child’s Heart by Stevie Wonder.
  • Come Together by The Beatles.
  • You’ve Got a Friend by Carole King.

Who remade Michael Jackson songs?

Here are some of the very best Michael Jackson cover versions…

  • Chris Cornell – ‘Billie Jean’ gdmfer. …
  • Mariah Carey – ‘I’ll Be There’ MariahCareyVEVO. …
  • Willie Nelson – ‘She’s Out of My Life’ Thomas Bähler. …
  • John Mayer – ‘Human Nature’ theguitardude17. …
  • Imogen Heap – ‘Thriller’ Aviva Braun-Belsky. …
  • The Civil Wars – ‘Billie Jean’

Who has covered Billie Jean?

Covers of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

  • No Diggity (Billie Jean Remix) by Blackstreet (1996) …
  • Billie Jean by Chris Cornell (2007) …
  • Billie Jean by Shinehead (1984) …
  • Billie Jean by The Yale Spizzwinks (?) (2008) …
  • Billie Jean by Jamie Lancaster and Karen Souza (2007) …
  • Billie Jean by Sly & Robbie feat. …
  • Billie Jean by Ian Brown (1999) …
  • Billie Jean by Eden (2015)

Who was Michael Jackson bass player?

Alex Al

Who played the guitar solo on Billie Jean?

David Williams

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