How long does shipping take from Guitar Center?

Most orders shipped via standard shipping will arrive is just 5 business days. No delivery on weekends. (For Saturday delivery, see overnight and 2-Day shipping below.) Verified orders sent via Standard Shipping typically arrive in 5 business days!

How does Guitar Center ship used guitars?

They ship from store to store and charge the same price for the guitar that they would have at the previous location. You can still return it to the store that shipped it in for a refund or if there are any problems and they will honor it.

Does Guitar Center ship to your house?

If you would like to order the gear for yourself, you can have an associate place an order in SPO, which is our online ordering system. From here, it can either be shipped to your local Guitar Center for pickup, or to your house.

How do I track my package from Guitar Center?

Please enter your order number and email address below to view details & shipping information. Sign in to view your order tracking history.

Does Guitar Center ship for free?

Free Shipping

Thousands of items qualify for free ground shipping. No minimum purchase when you ship to one of our stores. Excludes Hawaii and Alaska. $25 minimum purchase when you ship anywhere within the contiguous United States.

Is Guitar Center a good place to buy guitars?

They are pretty much the go-to retailer when it comes to purchasing in a physical store, but their online catalog is even more impressive. Whether you’re new to playing guitar or a professional, Guitar Center has you covered with cheaper beginner guitars all the way to professional quality guitars.

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Can I return a used guitar to Guitar Center?

Guitar Center accepts returns on used gear up to 45 days from the date of purchase, according to the store. The same restrictions, limitations, and possible fees apply to new and used product returns, as detailed in Guitar Center’s Return Policy online.

Can you bring your own guitar Guitar Center?

they do repairs for guitar as well, so you hafta be able to bring it in, you just have to check it at the door, and you can mess around on amps and the like.

Can you send a guitar in the mail?

Pack your guitar in an appropriate case

When shipping a guitar, it’s always a good idea to pack the guitar inside its case, as this provides an extra layer of protection for the instrument. Choose the right sort of case. Place your guitar in a hard, protective case, not a gig bag.

Does dispatched mean delivered?

Dispatch means a product is ready to be shipped. Shipped refers to the stage where a product is in transit and will be delivered to the next given destination. Dispatch is the initial activity of a package from actual sender to the first responder to the transportation service requirement.

How long does fender take to ship?

ShippingExpedited Shipping RatesFedex 2-DayLocation (US only)Contiguous U.S.Alaska & HawaiiEstimated Time2 Business Days2-3 Business DaysAll Gear (Merch, Accessories, Parts)$24.99 per order$34.99 per orderAll Guitars & Basses (Electric and Acoustic)$79.99 per instrument$99.99 per instrument

What does backorder mean?

A backorder is a product that is out of stock at the moment a shopper lands on a product page, but is promised to ship once available (with a date often provided). Allowing an item to be backordered means the shopper can buy the item now and receive it at a future date.

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How long does it take to get something on backorder?

However, if you purchased an item that is on ‘BACKORDER’ your parcel will be held until that item has arrived in stock. BACKORDERS usually take no longer than 14 days (depends on the number of demand).

How I track my order?

The most accurate way to find out when your order will arrive is to track your package. You can do this through the Store or using a tracking number.

Track your order with a tracking number

  • Open your Google Store order history.
  • Find the order you want to track.
  • Click Order details.
  • Click Track it.

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