How many strings did Robert Johnson’s guitar have?

7 string

What instruments did Robert Johnson play?

Robert JohnsonGenresDelta bluesOccupation(s)Musician, singer, songwriterInstrumentsGuitar, vocals, harmonicaYears active1929–1938

How did Robert Johnson play guitar?

One of the staples of Johnson’s style is his ability to sound at times like two guitar players, combining driving rhythms on the lower strings with melodic figures on the higher strings. … Johnson’s tunings can be broken down into four categories: standard tuning, open G, open D and drop D.

Did Robert Johnson use a capo?

Robert Johnson used an open A tuning (E A E A C# E), which is sometimes referred to as “Spanish”- although traditionally Spanish tuning is D G D G B D. Johnson used open A for “Terraplane Blues,” but he put a capo on the second fret of the guitar, in order to achieve the higher pitched sound of an open B tuning.

What is the best blues tuning?

5 Essential Alternate Tunings for Acoustic Guitar

  • Open G tuning is easy — all you need to do is detune the sixth, fifth, and first strings by a whole step. …
  • Open D is another major chord tuning and another popular choice among Delta blues guitarists. …
  • Alternate tunings can be especially useful and sound particularly lovely on the acoustic guitar.

Why is blues the devil’s music?

The origins of the blues are closely related to the religious music of Afro-American community, the spirituals. … Depending on the religious community a musician belonged to, it was more or less considered a sin to play this low-down music: blues was the devil’s music.

Did Robert Johnson sell his soul?

The crossroads at Clarksdale where Robert Johnson sold his soul. … Legend has it that Johnson took his guitar to the crossroads of Highways 49 and 61 in Clarksdale, Mississippi where the devil retuned his instrument in exchange for his soul. He returned with a formidable technique and a mastery of the blues.

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When did Robert Johnson disappear?

Little about the life Robert Leroy Johnson lived in his brief 27 years, from approximately May 1911 until he died mysteriously in 1938, was documented. A birth certificate, if he had one, has never been found.

What finger do you put a slide on for guitar?

ring finger

Can you meet the devil at the crossroads?

In conjure, rootwork, and hoodoo, a form of African American magical spirituality, in order to acquire facility at various manual and body skills, such as playing a musical instrument, throwing dice, or dancing, one may attend upon a crossroads a certain number of times, either at midnight or just before dawn, and one …

What tuning is Delta Blues in?

Without exception, the most common keys in Delta blues guitar are E major and A major, which are both easily accessible in standard guitar tuning. Typically though, open guitar tunings are utilized, because they make slide guitar playing easier to execute.

Is Robert Johnson still alive?

Deceased (1911–1938)

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