What do you use to polish a guitar?

Using steel wool will take away the shine and leave a matte-like finish, while lemon oil will dull the finish and similarly take away the sheen. Strictly use a dry or lightly dampened cloth. You could even use a little bit of Jim Dunlop Formula 65 Guitar Polish if the lacquer is very thick.

What is the best guitar polish cleaner?


  • BOSS BDC-01 Microfibre Cloth.
  • Planet Waves Untreated Polish Cloth.
  • Platinum 65 Suede Microfiber Cloth.
  • Dunlop 5400 Polish Cloth.
  • Planet Waves Micro-Fiber Polish Cloth.
  • Dunlop 5430 Guitar Cleaning Cloth.

Can I use car polish on my guitar?

Car wax can certainly be applied an acoustic guitar because automotive wax works wonders with satin finishes, even high-end guitar manufacturer ‘Taylor’ guitars even recommend using car wax to polish their products. … Also, do not apply the wax to the fretboard or neck only the main body.

How do you dull a glossy finish?

If the finish is thick, you can start with coarse sandpaper, like 220 or 300 grit. Apply some soapy water or mineral spirits to the surface of the piece, and then start sanding the surface. Just a quick once-over will do just fine. Once you’re finished, wipe the surface down, and repeat the process with the next grit.

Can I use furniture polish on my guitar?

No, do not use furniture polish anywhere near your guitar. It will dry out any exposed wood and it can perminantly stain some kinds of finish while doing nothing for others.

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How do you polish wood to a mirror finish?

  1. Sand the bare wood as needed to smooth it and remove the old finish. …
  2. Fill the grain with an oil-or water-based wood grain filler. …
  3. Spray one coat of lacquer. …
  4. Apply one more coat of varnish. …
  5. Allow the varnish or lacquer to dry for one day, then level-sand with 400-grit sandpaper to remove bumps and imperfections.

Is lemon oil good for guitar necks?

Instead, they’re just mineral oil or some other other fretboard-safe oils, with lemon scent and yellow coloring added. For this reason, most of the guitar lemon oils on the market are 100% safe when used in moderation on your guitar’s rosewood or ebony fretboard (don’t use lemon oil on maple–more on that below).

Can you polish a satin finish guitar?

Not to a true high gloss, no. You can buff it out to a semi-gloss, similar to the sheen you see on the seats of worn-out corduroy trousers, but there generally isn’t enough finish material present to get a real shine out of it.

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