How many guitar notes are in Through the Fire and Flames?

3722 notes

What key is through the fire and flames in?

C minor

How hard is it to play through the fire and flames?

It’s tremolo picked and needs decent timing, but REALLY isn’t hard. It just requires a little bit of stamina. Dragonforce only fast, don’t play with feels.

How long is through the fire and the flames?

Through the Fire and Flames peaked at #86 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #61 on the Canadian Hot 100. The song has appeared on two compilation albums. It has also appeared in several video games.

Through the Fire and Flames.“Through the Fire and Flames”GenrePower MetalLength7:22 (Album Version) 5:01 (Radio/Music Video Version)

Who charted through the fire and flames?


Where is the guitar Jimi Hendrix set on fire?

Monterey International Pop Festival

What tuning does Dragonforce use?

The majority of their songs are in E standard tuning (although they tuned to D# live from 2006-2010), but there are some songs that utilizes the low B string (7th string in B standard/BEADGBE) since Inhuman Rampage.

What genre is Dragonforce?

Power metalSpeed metal

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