Is Tears in Heaven hard?

The hardest thing I can play is tears in heaven and free falling (JM’s version). Tears in Heaven, when done correctly, is among the most difficult pieces of popular music you can play. Much more difficult than Hotel California.

What grade is Tears in Heaven on guitar?

Grade 5

How long is Tears in Heaven?

Tears in Heaven”Tears in Heaven”GenreSoft rockLength4:36LabelWarner Bros.Songwriter(s)Eric Clapton Will Jennings

Is Hotel California difficult?

Not hard. Took about an hour or 2 after I became technically good enough to handle it. Solo is harder to memorize than it is to play.

What movie has tears in heaven?


What instruments are used in Tears in Heaven?

Tears in HeavenComposer:Eric ClaptonArranger:Roland KernenBrand/Publisher:Music SalesSeries:Music BoxInstrumentation:4 Clarinets with Optional Eb Clarinet

Who wrote here in heaven?

Eric ClaptonWill Jennings

Is Hotel California played with a capo?

We’re back with three more bona fide classic songs that feature guitars played with capos! Part of what makes these tracks so great is the use of the capo in them. The Eagles’ “Hotel California” is one of the most iconic capo songs of all time. …

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