What grade is Tears in Heaven on guitar?

Grade 5

What instruments are used in Tears in Heaven?

Tears in HeavenComposer:Eric ClaptonArranger:Roland KernenBrand/Publisher:Music SalesSeries:Music BoxInstrumentation:4 Clarinets with Optional Eb Clarinet

What key is Tears in Heaven?

A major

What is the Bm chord?

The Most Common Version. Unlike some other commonly used minor chords (like Em or Am), the B minor chord doesn’t use any open strings. For this one you must use one finger to fret multiple strings in what is called a “barre chord.” Your index finger rests across every string but the low E.

What movie has tears in heaven?


Who wrote Tears in Heaven?

Eric ClaptonWill Jennings

What album is Tears in Heaven on?


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