What time signature is Solsbury Hill in?


How do you play castles?

Players take turns playing their cards in an increasing order. If a player cannot beat the previous card they must pick up the entire pile. Each time a card is played, a card must be drawn from the deck until it is finished before moving onto the castle.

What tuning is the cave in?

Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky on Final Transmission’s bittersweet creative process and ‘Secret C’ tuning. The arrival of Cave In’s long-awaited sixth album, Final Transmission, is tragically bittersweet.

What album is Shock the Monkey on?

Peter Gabriel

What is Peter Gabriel doing now?

Peter Gabriel, Now 70, Is Still Making Music and Fighting for Human Rights. A young Peter Gabriel. Peter Gabriel’s interest in music began while singing hymns in church, but it was hearing the drums for the first time that ignited his passion to create music.

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