How do you brush with French polish?

Sand with extra fine abrasive paper and remove any dust with a tack cloth. Using a good quality brush or cloth apply a thin coat of Easy French Polish. Work with the grain of the wood and avoid overlapping between strokes. Allow a drying time of three to four hours between coats.

Can I use furniture polish on my guitar?

No, do not use furniture polish anywhere near your guitar. It will dry out any exposed wood and it can perminantly stain some kinds of finish while doing nothing for others.

Is French polish the same as shellac?

French Polish and Shellac are both pretty much the same, derived from secretions of the lac insect and as such, simple pure resin from nature dissolved in an alcohol solvent. Sometimes wax is added to French Polish to facilitate the finish desired on furniture for instance.

Why is it called French polishing?

Why French Polish – as the term indicates, it was used extensively in France by Victorian era furniture makers to add a highly polished surface to many furniture pieces. The How Bit – The process involves a specific combination of different application techniques to apply the shellac in a thin uniform layer.

What Colour is French polish?

French polish is available in several colours: White polish. Bleached shellac is used to make this white polish, before application it is cream coloured. This opaque, milky appearance is the result of the natural waxes that are found in shellac.

Can you varnish over French polish?

In such cases I will recommend a Varnish finish. The biggest advantage to using Varnish over a French Polish is its initial durability and ability to withstand alcohol spills. The biggest disadvantage to using a Varnish over a French Polish is that the finish has a life span of 5 to 10 years.

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Can you paint over French polish?

And what is so special about the paint? … Truly you can just paint straight over varnish, wax, French polish, old paint and virtually any other surface you might find on old or new furniture.

What can I use instead of guitar polish?

Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax in the burgundy bottle for the finish and the metal bits. And plain old mineral oil for the fretboard. As little as $11/gallon, depending on how diligent a shopper you are.

What is the best guitar polish?


  • BOSS BDC-01 Microfibre Cloth.
  • Planet Waves Untreated Polish Cloth.
  • Platinum 65 Suede Microfiber Cloth.
  • Dunlop 5400 Polish Cloth.
  • Planet Waves Micro-Fiber Polish Cloth.
  • Dunlop 5430 Guitar Cleaning Cloth.

Is it OK to use pledge on a guitar?

Pledge is chock full of silicone oils and should never be used on a guitar. It will make refinishing or finish touchup difficult, even many years later.

Can you use wd40 to clean guitar strings?

Do not use WD-40 to clean your guitar strings. While WD-40 was designed to be used on metal and should work fine on guitar strings, it can cause issues when in contact with wood. … WD-40 can ruin the finish of your fretboard. If you want to use an oil to clean your fretboard, use lemon oil (unless you have a maple neck).

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