How do you enter cheats on Guitar Hero 2 Xbox 360?

Enter cheats while on the Main Menu, where you will see options for Career and Quickplay modes. You can have multiple cheats enabled at the same time. Enter a code a second time to disable the code.

How do you unlock all songs on Guitar Hero 2 Xbox 360?

Unlock ALL Songs: Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow.

How do you get bonus songs on Guitar Hero 2?

Bonus Songs are extra songs unlocked by spending money earned in-game. They can be purchased by going to menus (they vary by game), or going to the Options menu from the main menu, and going to the Store option. They will then appear on all of the bands that are on that game disk.

How do you cheat on Guitar Hero?

Cheat mode

At the main menu, quickly press Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Orange, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow to unlock all guitars, songs, videos, and cheats. Saving the game will be disabled, and you must turn off the PlayStation 2 to disable its effect.

How do you unlock songs on Guitar Hero Aerosmith?

Press R + Y, [G + R] two times, [R + Y] two times, G + R, [R + Y] two times, [G + R] two times, [R + Y] two times, G + R, R + Y, R + B to unlock all songs in Quick Play mode.

How do you use cheats on Guitar Hero 3 Xbox 360 controller?

Instead of using the Xbox 360 controller to enter cheats, input codes using the guitar-shaped controller that comes with the game. Select Options from the main menu, then select Cheats > Enter New Cheat. Once a cheat is unlocked, toggle it on and off from the Cheats menu by pressing the Green button.

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What is precision mode on guitar hero 3?

Precision Mode is a cheat that shortens the timing windows for notes to be hit, making the game feel very similar to Guitar Hero II’s engine. Precision Mode can only be found in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

How do you get all the songs on Rock Band 2?

Press Red, Yellow, Blue, Red(2), Blue(2), Red, Yellow, Blue to unlock all songs. Press Blue, Orange(2), Blue, Yellow, Blue, Orange(2), Blue, Yellow to unlock all venues. Press Red(4), Yellow(4) to unlock new venues. Alternately, press Triangle(4), Circle(4) on a controller.

What is the hardest song on Guitar Hero 2?

Hardest song on Guitar Hero 2 on Expert (Buckethead – Jordan)

What songs were on the first guitar hero?

Main setlist

  • Opening Licks. “I Love Rock & Roll” – Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. “I Wanna Be Sedated” – The Ramones. …
  • Axe-Grinders. “Iron Man” – Black Sabbath. …
  • Thrash And Burn. “Killer Queen” – Queen. …
  • Return of the Shred. “Ziggy Stardust” – David Bowie. …
  • Fret-Burners. “Spanish Castle Magic” – Jimi Hendrix. …
  • Face-Melters.

Is Motley Crue on guitar hero?

Expert Full Band chart of the song “Girls, Girls, Girls” of the band “Mötley Crüe”, album “Girls, Girls, Girls”, being played on the game Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock , it was released in March 25th, 2010 in the Guitar Hero 5 era.

Can you still download Guitar Hero 3 songs?

One added feature of Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock for the Microsoft Xbox 360 is the ability to download songs from the Internet to play in the game. … In the Xbox Live menu, scroll down and select the “Downloadable Content” option. Choose the song or songs that you wish to download and click the “Download” button.

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Is Reptilia on guitar hero 3?

The Strokes are the coolest band in the world, that’s just a fact. So nothing felt better than strumming away to ‘Reptilia’ and singing along in the style of Julian Casablancas.

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