Does playing guitar make a girl more attractive?

As it turns out, the guys didn’t necessarily correlate guitar playing to attractiveness in women. 68 percent of the men chose the woman without the guitar in the first image and 64 percent in the second image. However, one guy did note that the images with the guitars did automatically attract him to her.

Does playing guitar get girls?

Yes. Don’t listen to those other people – science has proven that: knowing how to play the guitar = getting chicks. Truth is Learning a skill, being good at it and passionate about it will get you girls. But that has more to do with being confident, and a secure individual.

Are girls attracted to guys who play guitar?

According to a study published in Psychology of Music, a woman is more likely to give her number to a guy carrying a guitar case than a man holding a gym bag. …

Does playing guitar impress girls?

If you do learn to play the guitar, you will be in a better positions to impress girls than you were before, but it’s not like it will make girls who never noticed you become infatuated just because you learned to play. Obviously, the better you play, the most impressive you will be, as compared to yourself.

What instrument is most attractive?

Richard Gere’s guitar collection They found that the top instrument was the guitar at 26 percent, followed closely by the saxophone at 25 percent. The remainder of the list was made of the piano (21 percent), violin (14 percent), drums (seven percent) and flute (five percent.)

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