Can I teach myself to play the cello? If you have the right teacher, anyone can learn the fundamentals of playing cello. As with most instruments, the cello will come more easily to someone with exper... Read More
What does the name cello mean? The term “cello” is a shortened form of violoncello, the name given to the bowed string instrument which is between the viola and double bass in size. …... Read More
How much does a good quality cello cost? $3000-$6000 From here, you should expect to see a much higher level of workmanship and expertise going into the crafting of the instrument. All cellos in this ... Read More
How much does it cost to replace a cello string? CelloRestring, including tuning$5.00 per string (strings not included)Re-hair bow (horsehair)$60.00, $40.00 for Glasser (to be paid in advance)Re-glue ... Read More