The North's Biggest Music Competition


Public Vote

SoundWaves Music Competition UK is the biggest music competition in Northern England and Scotland. Over 1,000 acts applied for the competition between all three competition cities. This public vote is all about how many votes the acts can receive. The more votes an act can receive the higher chance they have of winning the overall competition and the top prizes. You must read the T&C's at the bottom of this page before voting. You MUST put a space in between SOUNDWAVE and the act code otherwise your vote will not count. Vote closes 4th Feb at 9.30pm.

To support your chosen act simply text* SOUNDWAVE followed by a space followed by the number of the act below to 64343

Example:  SOUNDWAVE 25     texted to  64343

NEWCASTLE Competition Vote - Open!

The acts displayed below will compete in the final of SoundWaves in a bid to win prizes and exposure. The more votes an act can get the higher chance they have of winning. You must read the T&C's before voting at the bottom of this page*

To see Sam Davison ( win the competition text: SOUNDWAVE 25

To see Tom Jeffrey (  win the competition text: SOUNDWAVE 26
To see Venus's Delight ( win the competition text: SOUNDWAVE 27
To see Pinky ( win the competition text: SOUNDWAVE 28
To see Paige Seymour (  win the competition text: SOUNDWAVE 29
To see Plastic Thieves (  win the competition text: SOUNDWAVE 30
To see Tahnee Kelly ( win the competition text: SOUNDWAVE 31
To see The Forgotten Souls ( win the competition text: SOUNDWAVE 32
To see Chris Pryke ( win the competition text: SOUNDWAVE 33
To see Nutopians ( win the competition text: SOUNDWAVE 34
To see Brian Smith ( win the competition text: SOUNDWAVE 35

*Terms & Conditions of Voting:

Each text costs £1 + 1 standard network rate message. You must get permission from the bill bayer before voting. You may text more than once. Make sure you put a space between SOUNDWAVE and the act number, if you don't put a space in your vote will not count.   Service Provider Digital Select Ltd. Helpline: 0844 448 0165. This vote counts for 25% of an acts score within the final showcase.


Voting support: [email protected]